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Related post: WARNING: This fictional story contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE young lol russian porn FOR MINORS UNDER THE AGE OF TWENTY-ONE. You should know whether you want to be reading this or not! 8/98 ************************************************************************** RITES-OF-BOYHOOD-3 "RITES OF BOYHOOD, part 3" (Part #3) lolita ls land studio lolita teens masterbating bbs Copyright 1997 Vince Water ************************************************************************** * "Rites of Boyhood" * * - part 3 - nude pic lolita bbs * Jimmy tried keeping his eyes closed for sleep but he was too excited. That was probably true for most of the other boys in his barracks. There were whispered conversations in the dark, bed creaking, and someone was bouncing sour balls off under 18 lolita model the walls. Jimmy knew they were sour balls because one had landed on his chest. none nude preteen lolitas He was happily sucking on it. Kirkland yelled out when yet another sour ball struck the wall. He threatened the candy thrower with a bare-butt spanking in front of the others if he didn't stop it. Jimmy smirked. Their councilor would have to 'catch' the boy throwing them first. The room quieted after Kirkland's last threat. Jimmy closed his eyes but sleep wouldn't come. young girls lolitas nude He kept thinking about all the things that had happened today. Fun things; but what kept playing over in his head were the naked things he'd done with a man and cp paysite pthc lolita a boy. It surprised him that they had really happened. Mister Burrows showed him how Indian men taught their boys to beat off and that it was a good, pleasurable rite. When they stood together and performed it, the man's thick cock shot out a thick white seed while Jimmy's release was only clear and watery. The boy also liked their touching; how the man felt over his butt and fingered deep inside it. He wanted to try the other Indian rites that the man had promised him. Jimmy smiled when his thoughts turned to Jeff; his new friend that he was viejas penetradas foros lolitas taking to very strongly. He was a younger, scrawny boy who seemed to talk too much but Jimmy liked him all the same. He was like a younger brother to him. Teaching Jeff how to float in the water and to swim made Jimmy feel older than he was; that he could take care of another. He remembered the little boy's trusting look for him... and how it had turned to betrayal and pain. A pain ached Jimmy's heart when he recalled what happened after their fun time in the water. In the shower room, their embrace had turned into something wild and uncontrollable. An unbelievable act of sex. Jimmy played the naked scene over again in his head. He still couldn't believe that his long dick had stuck through the little boy's butt hole... and shot inside it. The act had hurt Jeff. It really bothered Jimmy that he had hurt his new friend. He couldn't understand how his dick could fit into a butt and slip through its hole to shoot. He didn't plan to do that. Their front-to-back embrace in the shower had somehow led to that bodily joining which, though very pleasurable, had given Jimmy a bad, guilty feeling afterwards. He didn't know if Jeff would want to continue being friends with him or not. Another sour ball struck little women lolita russia the wall. Kirkland swore an obscenity too terrible to repeat here. It was followed by lights on in the barracks. Boys sat up in their bunks with much anger. The man quickly searched through the blankets of those boys he suspected of the prank, and when he couldn't find the tell-tale evidence, silently stalked back to his bunk. The blaring lights were kept on though. No one dared to complain. Kirkland looked around one last time before getting back under the covers of his bunk. The bright glare from the overhead lamps prevented anyone from getting to sleep. Two words popped into Jimmy's head: corporal punishment. 'That's what was happening here.' Jimmy gulped nervously. He was still sucking on one of the thrown sour balls and he felt that Kirkland might notice it and think that he was the prankster. Some anger filled the boy. He scolded himself for his caution and continued to suck on the candy in wry defiance. Kirkland may be their camp councilor but he wasn't his mother. The light made its way through Jimmy's tightly shut eyelids. That made him angry too. The boy turned onto his side and he brought his pillow over his head. A yawn escaped from his mouth. He wondered if Kirkland would be keeping them on all night. Someone climbed over the top bunk. It kept Jimmy from sleeping so he peeked from under his covers to see who it was. The man little teen virgin lolita fell a long way to the floor and landed with a sickening thud. He didn't move. It was the boy's father. Jimmy woke up with a start. He pushed his pillow away and looked up to the top bunk. It was empty. The barracks lights were still on so the boy turned his head to the floor. Also empty. His father wasn't lying there. Only a dream. Jimmy tried swallowing in his dried throat and discovered the sticky remains of a sour ball nuby lolita young pic in naked lolitas girl photos his left cheek. His tongue swirled around it to free the sticky mass. The sweet candy made his mouth water. A more urgent need pressed Jimmy. He noticed his piss hard on inside his lolita sex bbs kds pajamas so he pulled away his blankets and jumped out of the bunk. His careful walk down the aisle kept him from disturbing any of the others. It was an interesting sight of sleeping boys. Some had a leg or an arm sticking out from their blankets. He saw one boy without a blanket at all; an older youngest lolita sex pics boy who was only wearing underwear. Jimmy could see the boy's male bulge in them and that made him grin. He wondered if that boy ever pulled over it for fun. 'Probably!' When Jimmy reached the door, he heard Kirkland's loud snore. The man had a pillow over his head. The boy almost giggled out loud to see that. He gently pulled on the wooden door and left the barracks behind him. It was a cool night. Jimmy was glad that he was wearing both the top and bottoms to his pajamas. A single lamp in the distance drew the boy lolita pre teen archive and his need. He bare-footed down the path in a hard lolitas 7y 12y rush until reaching the small shack. It was dimly lit inside. A large flying black bug real cp lolita pics buzzed around the naked light bulb. Jimmy pulled out his long extremely young lolita bestiality dick from his pajama bottoms and aimed at the urinal. It took a while for the boy gagging teens lolitas young to piss. At supper, he had drunk a lot of soda that was freely available. His mom never allowed him to drink soda at home; 'not good for your teeth' she explained. Jimmy grinned. He was at camp now so he could do any damn thing he wanted to! The boy continued to piss. Jimmy pinched over the hardening shaft with his fingers. It sent tickly thrills through his dick while it pissed. The boy was excited by the thought of someone catching him in the act. Maybe join him! He cast away that daydream, fearful of another possible consequence... like a boy tattling on him instead. He glanced back at the doorway and saw only darkness. 'It wouldn't take long,' he decided. The boy pushed himself to finish quickly so that he could pleasure himself in earnest. Jimmy was startled when a boy stood at his side in front of the urinal. He couldn't believe the ill timing of it. Did a magic fairy hear his wish and grant it?! He decided to play it cool. Without even glancing at him, Jimmy continued to piss. There was a quick scuffling sound. The boy pulled down his gym shorts to piss. Jimmy couldn't help but to glance at him. It was an older boy of fourteen. Not someone from his little lolita nymphet video barracks; he didn't recognize him. The butt naked boy glanced back at him with a shy grin. In the urinal, their yellows flows crossed in play. Jimmy felt eyes from the older boy on him but he couldn't bring himself to looking back. "It's pretty big for a kid your age," spoke the fourteen-year-old. Jimmy glanced at his companion. There was a smile on his face but what drew his attention was the boy's nakedness. He wasn't wearing a shirt, and with his gym shorts pulled down, Jimmy could see his butt and his erecting penis aimed at their urinal. The boy was coaxing it to size. A warning pang was felt in Jimmy's stomach. The same heaviness he felt when in the arms of that Indian man and when holding Jeff naked. Was this fourteen-year-old wanting to do something with him too? When Jimmy ended his pissing, he lingered in front of the urinal at the boy's side though he hadn't decided what to do yet. His dick was growing harder. It ached him in a familiar way. "You won't laugh, will you?" the boy asked. lolita preteen ru pics Jimmy was puzzled by the boy's words. He blurted out, "laugh at what?" The fourteen-year-old turned to Jimmy. He pulled over his dick with a frown on his face and said, "at me... It's not so big." Jimmy stared at the boy's dick. It was thick but the shaft wasn't long; not even as long as his own and this boy was a year older than himself! There was a good growth of dark hairs on the boy's groin. He decided to comment on that. "You've got a lot of hair." "Yeah... but every boy gets that," he replied. "My dick is still small." Jimmy didn't know what to say. He was finished pissing so he glanced back at the doorway as if thinking to teen lolitas foot fetish leave. 15 yo lolita gallery "Can I touch it?" asked lolita daughter non nude the fourteen-year-old. Jimmy felt that same heaviness returning to his stomach. A thrill shot through his dick when he considered staying with the boy. Before he could decide, he felt a hand touching him. Warm clammy fingers wrapping around his erection and pulling free european lolitas gallary down its length. It made Jimmy gasp. The lolita 9yo young pics fourteen-year-old backed off with concern, bringing his hand around his own erection and cautiously handling it. Jimmy watched. The older boy fingered down the skin of his dick, pulling its little baby lolita pussy rounded thickness over his rosy loli imageboard cp models knob with each slow stroke. He didn't look at Jimmy when he did it; his eyes were looking down at his action. Jimmy's ached to be handled. He glanced back towards the open doorway at the stillness of the night. It was very evie model nude lolita late. He hoped that no one would be coming soon to catch them at it. With a low sigh, Jimmy closed his fingers around his erection and began pulling over it. His didn't have a thick foreskin like his companion's penis but his fingers were able to rub down a good length. The thrills were quick to build up. Doing it with someone made the act more exciting. "What's your name?" Jimmy asked. He was nervous about what they were doing so talking helped him through it. ebony lolita top 100 "Richardo, but my friends call me Rick." Jimmy nodded his head. "I'm Jimmy..." angel lola luv vs "Not Jim?" Rick asked. He saw Jimmy shaking his head in silent reply. "I like how long your dick gets." As if to prove his point, Rick stood belly-to-belly with Jimmy with their dick almost touching. The two boys looked down to compare them. naked prelolita girls photo "Yours is thicker," said Jimmy. He admired the boy's foreskin that his own dick lacked. That thicker skin helped add to its size but not to its length. Rick nodded silently. He fingered up the shaft of his erection as if measuring it, and when coming to its end, reached for Jimmy's skinnier dick and fingered up the rest of the way to its pink head. "Longer than mine for sure," said Rick. Jimmy took back his dick from the older boy and pulled over it. Rick gripped the thick skin of his. On tip-toes, he pointed the oozing knob tucked young top list lolita within its foreskin to the head of Jimmy's. They connected. It surprised Jimmy to see his pink head fitting into the rounded opening of Rick's foreskin, kissing pure extreem lolita pics its moist knob within. "That's called docking," Rick explained. He drew his foreskin over more of Jimmy's erection until its pink head was caught inside. A quick rubbing brought thrills to both boys. Jimmy was fascinated by their connection. "If you were to shoot," Rick claimed, "your cum would go through my piss hole into my dick and flow down to my balls. It would mix with my seed and I'd shoot it out really strong back into your dick!" Jimmy shook his head with awe. He kept his erection stuck inside Rick's outstretching foreskin. The head of his dick pressed against the boy's oozing knob, its piss hole already filling with the older boy's clear flow. It was a very tickly sensation. Rick kept his grip around the thick skin that held their joining dicks while trying to peek into the opening of Jimmy's pajama bottoms. He couldn't tell how developed the youth was towards puberty so he asked. "Do you have any hair in there yet?" Before Jimmy could reply, Rick reached into the opening of the boy's pajama bottoms and felt over his groin. He smiled at his discovery. Jimmy gasped. The older boy's exploration of his body was very exciting to him. It made the thrills come stronger from his erection. Rick pulled on the few groin hairs that he found in there. The pajama bottoms prevented him from actually seeing anything though. "Can you shoot?" Rick asked. He was trying to keep himself from exploding until the younger boy did it first. Jimmy could feel his thrills building, but joined as he was to Rick's dick within his stretched foreskin, there wasn't a proper rhythm to the older boy's handling. He preteen lolita thong pics didn't think that he could shoot while 'docked'. Rick sensed the youth's reluctance so he decided on a new strategy. One that would get the boy to cum. He wet his lips in anticipation. "We have separation!" Rick announced while letting young russian lolita nudes go of his thick- skinned cock. Jimmy's erection bounced up against his clothed body when it became freed. Its pink head leaked some sticky fluid. young lolita naked forum Rick sank down to his knees in front of Jimmy. He used both hands to widen the opening in the youth's pajama bottoms to have a good look of his frontal nudity. Jimmy burst with pride. He felt like the strong warrior who stood before the awe-struck boy worshipping him. Downwards pressure from Rick's hands caused Jimmy's pajama bottoms to fall down at his knees. His erection bounced up against his tummy. He felt vulnerable by its obvious show of preteen lolitas videos hot excitement and from being butt-naked to anyone who might come upon them in the night. As Jimmy started to protest, he felt Rick's nose pressing preteen pictures nymphets lolicon against his balls. They were sniffed by the older boy as if he were a curious dog. It made Jimmy feel uncomfortable... 'What was the boy wanting to lollita nude free pictures do?' he wondered. He took hold of his pajama bottoms and tried lifting them. Rick wrapped his hands around the cheeks of his butt and held them fast. "I like your balls..." Rick sighed. His lips playfully pulled on them. Jimmy could feel the boy's hot breath on his loins and it lolita ls series models was a strange yet forceful sensation. Very sexual. He stood unmoving as if rooted to the ground while the older boy mouthed over his naked body. "Someone might come!" Jimmy warned. He turned his head to look outwards through the open door. It was dark out there. A boy needing to use the restroom could be on his way and discover them... A slippery warmth engulfed Jimmy's erection. Going down and down until his whole penis was inside Rick's mouth. He felt the boy's nose pressing into his groin. The hands pulled strongly over his cheeks. A suggestive motion began. His balls slapped against Rick's chin with each forced stab. A tremendous sensation overwhelmed Jimmy. Waves of pleasure that were greater than anything he'd ever felt before. The youth feared the cause of it though. 'Inside his mouth?!' Jimmy realized. The thought of it was hard for the youth to believe... and very scary. 'Would he bite me?' loli bbs links teen Rick pulled over the soft cheeks of his captured boy while gently sucking his dick. A swaying motion began. The older boy wanted to drink in all of Jimmy's nakedness. He wondered if anything would come out. free lolita pteen pics Jimmy closed his eyes and surrendered. He couldn't believe what preteen lolitas pic pay was happening but allowed it because of the wonderful thrills it was bringing him. An increasing sexual build-up... He could explode from it! Rick enjoyed the clean boy-smell of Jimmy's groin. His nose scratched against a few dark hairs from the youth's puberty. His mouth was enjoying the struggling maleness that it had captured. A nice length; hard, warm as only a boy's dick can be. His lips were tightly pressed around its slippery shaft. The bobbing motion lolita tiny little sluts of his head was coaxing; forcing its male release! loli hentai video gallery Jimmy got into the act. He stabbed forward when Rick pulled over his butt. His balls slapped against the older boy's chin and swung back before the next assault. It was a natural motion to Jimmy. Not unlike how his body performed with Jeff in the shower... A twisting was felt in the boy's balls. His sperm was rising in him like a geyser! Rick sensed the lola non nude photo boy's nearing release. His hands pulled hard on Jimmy's butt to force the erection far down into his mouth. A gush filled his throat. It was quickly swallowed to take the youth's next release. A strong one! He rode the boy's bucking motion until all his sperm was given. Its sweet taste filled his mouth. 'Jimmy's is the clear release of a young boy!' Rick thought. He greedily swallowed it all. Jimmy reached down for Rick's shoulders to hold onto them. He was feeling a bit light on his feet. The restroom light seemed to dim. His exploding thrills were ebbing... being swept away when he returned to himself. The hands around model uk germany lolita his butt were still though his dick felt the quivering lips surrounding it. A sucking there caused the boy to gasp in sweet pain. Too tickly a sensation! He glared down at Rick. The older boy returned Jimmy's stare with a sly grin on his lips. They smacked with satisfaction. Rick stood up in triumph for what he had done. It made Jimmy feel worried though. "You swallowed it?" he asked. Rick nodded 12 yo naked loli his head. "I like to. Yours is sweet like nectar from a flower, Jimmy. Didn't you feel good giving it to me?" naked little lolita portals lolita nude photo galleries Jimmy remained silent. For some reason, he didn't want to admit that it was true. To do so would put some kind of hold over him from Rick. A fourteen-year-old boy that he hardly even knew. Rick reached down for his thick stubby dick. It was really oozing. He glanced back at Jimmy and asked, "suck mine now. I did yours!" Jimmy felt a terrible obligation from the boy's words. They was true but he didn't want to do it! He eyed the wet dick wondering what it would taste like in his mouth... and stabbing; at the end - shooting! When Jimmy saw Rick's hand reaching for his neck, he turned and fled. The pajama bottoms bunching at his knees made for a very difficult run. He pulled them up while still running. His barracks came into sight. He pushed on the wooden door and leaped inside. Safe! Jimmy was panting. He could feel the rushed beating of his heart inside his chest. And not all from running, either. When he caught his breath, he looked around the bunks to see if anyone had noticed him. A loud snore erupted from Kirkland's bed. Everyone was still sleeping. It made Jimmy feel greatly relieved. He was about to go down the aisle when a thought struck him. He glanced at Kirkland's bunk again. The man's head was still hidden beneath the large pillow. He waited for the man's next loud snore before flicking the light switch. A wonderful darkness filled their barracks. It was with a smug grin that Jimmy made his way slowly down the aisle. When his hands hit upon the far wall, he backed away until finding his bunk. A check of the top without a mattress assured him that he was at the right place. He found the open blankets and slipped beneath them. His head backed onto the pillow and the boy sighed in contentment. Only his feet kept him from falling to sleep right away. They felt cold but were fast warming under the blankets. His mouth filled with yawns. Jimmy delighted at the new toy in his hands: a space rocket! He imagined all the fun things that could be underground lolita illegal, tgp done with little russian lolita girls its pretend flight. Boy after boy saw him playing with it and they wanted to join into the fun. Jimmy wasn't worried about it getting stolen since the rocket was somehow connected to his body. He flew it alongside the other boys' rockets and it brought him much joy. The pink cone pissed though. "Why did it do that?" Jimmy asked. The boys loli 3d 18 years disappeared before he could get an answer. loli tiny angels tgp "Maybe I pulled on it too hard!" he thought. A man walked up to the troubled youth and laid his long brown arm across his shoulders. There was wisdom on the Indian's rough-worn face. "Come to me and ask," said the Indian. "I'll teach you the rites of my People since you are a boy growing into a man. Learn my lessons well!" Jimmy opened his eyes. Boys were scrambling out of their beds to dress for breakfast. He slowly pushed away his blankets and put his feet down on the floor. The dream in his head was slow to fade though. He nodded at that which couldn't be Seen but knew was watching him and softly promised the man, "I will." Kirkland went out the barracks door with tiny preteen lolita bbs his line of boys behind him. They hurried to the mess hall. Jimmy could smell the frying bacon and it brought a hunger pang to his stomach. He realized that this was his second day of camp. It awed him when best gallery lolita model he thought back on all the exciting things he'd done just the day before. 'What would today bring?" he wondered. Jimmy's plate was piled high with scrambled eggs, three strips of bacon and corn bread covered in white gravy. He quickly nude russian lolitas nude found a seat with the other boys from his barracks. Parker was sitting next to him. Jimmy gave free lolita virgins thumbnails his tall friend a grin in place of a 'good morning' since he was too busy stuffing his mouth with food. The eggs were good but what he liked best was the corn bread soaking up the gravy. "You want my corn bread?" Parker asked. Jimmy quickly nodded and he watched Parker underage 16 lolita pics pushing the corn bread onto his plate. The gravy dripped after it. In return, one of Jimmy's strips of bacon was taken. "Hey... You didn't say that it was a trade!" "Oh, well kid. What can I say?" Miguel laughed. While Parker was talking to Jimmy, he grabbed a strip of bacon from his friend's plate and ate it. His nudge to Parker's ribs announced what he'd done unnoticed. "Hey! What will you be giving me back in trade?" Parker asked his sneaky friend. Miguel brought his hand down to the front of Parker's pants beneath the table. "You'll have to wait until tonight..." When Parker flinched (his dick had been pinched), Jimmy looked down and saw where Miguel's hand was. It caused him to giggle. A quick look around assured the boy that no one else had noticed. He felt privileged to know of Parker's special friendship with Miguel. 'Could I become a part of it?' he wondered. lolita innocent models pics A loud high-pitched shrill went through the mess hall. Chief Charcoal offered his apologies after the megaphone had settled down. He wanted to announce this day's activities. From a peg-board, he read off each councilor's name and what the boys under his charge were going to be doing. Jimmy nonude loli young girls eagerly waited with the other lolitas models virgins videos boys from his barracks for Kirkland's name to be called. lolita young new forbidden It became an anxious wait. Chief Charcoal called out five names and the activities assigned to them were canoeing, softball, archery, Indian tracking of wildlife and a nature hike. Kirkland's name was finally announced. "Your boys are assigned to Indian crafts." That brought a chorus of loud boos from some of the boys. When Chief Charcoal heard it, he explained that the next day would bring a different assignment for each group. In their two weeks, each activity would be repeated only once. He also told the boys that the afternoons were free to them for fishing, canoeing and swimming. Jimmy wondered what was wrong with lolita models bear hug Indian crafting. He liked playing softball but that was something he could do at home or at school. Camp Shingobeck was for Indian activities! When breakfast ended, the boys followed behind little virgin preteen lolitas their councilors to the places of their assigned activities. Jimmy was one of the few boys from his group who actually looked forward to what they were going to be doing that day. Jeff raced to Jimmy's side. There was a bright grin on his face and it brought an assurance to Jimmy. They walked side-by-side, saying nothing since there wasn't anything to be said. To put it simply, they were friends and yesterday's unpleasantness was already forgotten. A wooden building soon came into sight. It was constructed in the Indian way: rough cuts of tree trunks formed its sides, a piece of hide covered its doorway and the windows were without glass panes in them. Jimmy wondered if Mister Burrows was going to teach them Indian crafts. Kirkland stopped his line of boys in front of the building. He called to someone through the doorway by the name of 'Brightly Dressed'. An excitement grew in the boys. They wondered who would be coming out to answer him. With a flash of fire and smoke, an Indian warrior suddenly appeared through the hanging door hide. He stood before the wooden lodge with a fierce expression on his painted face. A white face. Around the man's head flowed down many magnificent eagle feathers. A porcupine-decorated yellow shirt was open at his hairy chest. Frilled leggings shocking young lolita galleries covered each leg while the middle of his body was covered in a long flowing breech-cloth. Moccasins completed the man's regalia. 'Another faker,' thought Jimmy. He was impressed by the colorful and detailed Indian parts but the man inside the clothing was white. "I am Brightly Dressed," the warrior answered. "Who called to me?" lolita the little girl Kirkland pointed at himself. "I am Heavy Stomper," he announced. "My boys here need names though." "Then that's the first thing we must do." The warrior had all the boys form a large circle around himself. He looked at the youths grimly. The warrior went around the circle of boys and asked each one to name themselves; a name that described something about the way they looked or how they acted. When a boy couldn't think of anything, the warrior offered his suggestions. Many of the names he gave were a variety of woodland creatures like the chipmunk, raccoon, rabbit and dark lolita pussy portals the field mouse mixed with an adjective like big, little, brown, fuzzy, or parts of the body like ear, nose, eyes and legs. When bold youths tried calling themselves fantastic names like 'Strongest Bow', 'Great Warrior', 'Buffalo Heart' or some similar name, Brightly Dressed asked these boys to prove it. When they couldn't, the man gave the youth a name like 'Boastful Mouse' or 'Cunning Bunny' instead. "He's called Piggy!" some boy shouted when the warrior stood before Arnold. In ls land 8 lolita reply, the fat boy raised his fits in anger. "The Chief has told me about you," explained Brightly Dressed. "Your Indian name shall be "Angry Fists." When the warrior stood before Jimmy, the boy asked that his Indian name be 'Growing Tail'. He didn't explain what that meant and the man didn't ask him. "You are Growing Tail," the warrior announced in agreement. Jeff asked to be called "Meek Mouse." When the naming rites were completed, the warrior broke through the circle of boys and headed for his long house. Kirkland signaled for everyone to follow him inside. Through the door, all the boys went through single-file Indian style. The leather hide bumped against their heads. Jimmy's eyes widened when he looked over the walls of the lodge. They were covered with hand-made Indian crafts. He examined weapons of all kinds: tomahawks with hide-wrapped handles, wooden bows, axes, painted war clubs and flint knives. There were hide shields beautifully decorated. A few stretched drums lined the walls as well. Most of the boys were in awe by what they saw. Parker went to a window and looked outwards; he had been here before from earlier summer camps. Softball was more to his liking. asian lolita illegal xxx Jeff walked up to Jimmy and grinned. He smiled back. Nothing was said between the two boys since they knew that everything was okay between them since yesterday. "Welcome to my lodge," announced Brightly Dressed. "What you see around you represents the best preteen lolita bbs ukraine of what my students have crafted. Since this is your first visit, we'll be crafting proper Indian garments to replace your white man's clothes. Next week, you'll be shown how to make weapons and shields." Jimmy noticed a pile of animal hides and scraps in the middle of the room. Next to it were familiar crafting tools: many pairs of scissors, awls, needles and thread. Jimmy had read that real Indians used flint knives for cutting, dried sinew from the buffalo for thread and carved bone for needles. At least the animal hides were authentic. Brightly Dressed explained what Indian boys wore. Unlike his magnificent regalia of feathered bonnet, war shirt, frilled leggings and moccasins, only his breech-cloth represented what they would be allowed to wear. When someone moaned, the warrior told him that younger boys usually went about naked so they were lucky to be having the breech-cloth! The man had each boy cut up a long strip of hide for use as a belt around their waists. He explained that it would be used to 'hold up' the two lengths of cloths covering the front and young teens pictures lolita back of their bodies. Shorter strips were cut for use as headbands. Cutting the rectangular flaps came next. Brightly Dressed showed how his body was covered by two long deerskins. The one in front was for his manhood and when lifting up his rear cloth, he showed how it covered his butt; not as carefully as the front of his body. A few boys giggled. Jimmy only sighed with disgust young lolita teenie girls at seeing yet another butt that wasn't the proper 'Indian' color. The white man even had HAIR there! The boys dived into the pile of deerskins. Some of the roughly-cut hides had holes in them that were explained by Brightly Dressed bbs tgp lolitas preteens as coming from the bullets shot by hunters to bring the deer down. Jeff asked if these really were once living animals. The man's answer saddened him. Jimmy didn't mind. He knew that the meat in hamburgers and hotdogs that everyone ate had come from live animals like non nude lolitas tgp cows and pigs that had to be slaughtered. The tanned hides for their Indian costumes came from deer. At least they had a chance to escape from the hunters unlike domesticated animals. Jeff sat at Jimmy's side to cut up his two long cloths. The boys shared scissors between them and generally helped each other out. Miguel nudged Parker to bring his attention to the two friends. Something was whispered between them. Parker grinned. When each boy had cut for himself a pair of breech-cloths, the warrior showed how to decorate them. Straight in-cuts made at their ends was called 'frilling'. Natural dyes from berries, crushed plants and flowers along with clays would be used to 'paint' designs over the outward-facing half of each flap. The man pointed to the Indian designs used in the multitude of objects covering his lodge walls as guides for the boy's handiwork. The cloth painting would take up the rest of their morning. Jimmy only used black and red dyes in his designs. He painted thick, outwards curving lines on the back of his breech-cloth and circles on the front. He grimaced at some of the boys' overly painted kaleidoscopes of colored designs. 'Those couldn't be Indian!' he gestured to his friend. Jeff also kept his designs simple. That was because the boy didn't think he was much of an artist though he was proven wrong. Jimmy helped him with the banned russian lolita hardcore painting. The ideas were Jeff's. Orange sun-set colors on both preteen lolita baby pussy cloths formed 'V' lolita swimwear model pics shapes near the fringes. Wavy yellow lines on his front flap represented the afternoon sun. Straight black lines on back was night time. Jimmy approved of it. The moment had come to put on their Indian breech-cloths. Kirkland had brought his own crafted outfit so he followed Brightly Dressed outside to await the boys' transformation inside the lodge. It was an anxious moment. Some boys only wore the flaps over their pants or gym shorts while bolder youths stripped down to their underwear. Jimmy was amongst the few who got naked. Jeff too. Their breech-cloths covered their bodies well enough but revealed pale butts and poles when 'flapping' from movement. Jimmy loved it. He twirled around in his newly-found freedom to show how unashamed he was of his body. Jeff felt a little embarrassed though. When the boys were ready, war cries erupted when they ran outside to meet the men. Standing next to Brightly Dressed was a transformed Kirkland. His outfit wasn't as lavish as the warrior's; he wore a simple deerskin shirt, free lolita modeling pics painted breech-cloth, moccasins and two head feathers. "What handsome Indian boys!" Brightly Dressed shouted in greeting. After much dancing and twirling about to show off flapping breech-cloths that with some of the boys, best yong lolita pics like Jimmy, revealed much of their bodies, the men had their boys form a great circle. Heavy Stomper (Kirkland) held the small paint bowls while Brightly Dressed used his fingers to paint up each boy's face in simple designs of little girls modesl lolitas black, red or green. It was explained that an initiation into manhood allowed boys to be painted up. They were now considered Indian braves! Jimmy stood proudly when the cheeks of his face were given red circles by the warrior's finger. Black lines were painted down each side of the boy's nose. They matched his breech-cloth flaps, Jimmy realized. He also saw the looks of approval by the two men for his lack of wearing any white man's clothing. A telling bulge pushed against his front flap from his excitement. He noticed Jeff's erection when peeking between the youth's meager flaps. "Follow me to the lake!" shouted Brightly Dressed. He and Heavy Stomper led their young braves running down the path. They passed some boys who hooted at seeing the spectacle. To Jimmy, some of his earlier reservations about Camp Shingobeck were cast aside. He delighted in their wild Indian parading and looked forward to next week's crafting of weapons and shields. When everyone reached the lake's shore, Brightly Dressed turned to his hooting 'braves' and nodded in pride. He spoke to them. "Many of you came to Camp Shingobeck as boys," he explained, "but when you leave, you'll have started down a path towards manhood. Allow its slow pace though. little lola models pantys Boyhood is a fun, care-free time that should not be rushed." Jimmy giggled with some of the others. He thought that he understood what the man was saying to them. The man continued talking. "I'll welcome you back to my long house in seven-fingers of days. Come as Indian boys in your painted breech-cloths. We'll be crafting weapons and shields!" A loud cheer rang out. Jimmy imagined how he would look holding a fierce tomahawk poised over an enemy about to kill him! A finger poked into his navel to tickle young preteen lolitas porn him; it came from Jeff who then sprinted away. lolita 14 years nude Jimmy chased after the boy, and when catching him, lifted his rear flap to slap over his little butt. Jeff farted. They turned to each other and giggled in embarrassment. Some of the boys danced around to twirl their flaps while everyone talked about Indian things. Brightly Dressed answered questions about his own regalia: No - his feathers weren't eagle but were painted pigeon feathers. He lolitas tgp bbs sites explained that lolita japan urls only real eagle feathers were precious and only Native American Peoples could wear them. Lunch time came. While still in regalia, the 'Indian braves' ate lunch alongside the other boys. A lot of jokes and obscene pointing news bbs lolita com was made by some but Jimmy ignored it. He knew that they would soon get their turns to be wonderfully humiliated. That's what summer camp was for! After lunch, many of the boys rushed back to the lodge to retrieve their clothing and put them on. Brightly Dressed said that each boy could keep their Indian garments and even wear them in camp if they wanted to. Jimmy did. He grabbed his pile of clothing and held them in his arms. Jeff russian very little lolita was feeling shy in his meager flaps of deerskin. He wanted to dress back into his pants much to his friend's disapproval. Soon though. Jimmy noticed that his underwear was missing. He looked over the bare floor and little loli hard fuck then into the hands of those boys who still wore breech-cloths like himself to see if they had picked it up by accident. Nothing. He wasn't much concerned... His mom had put in extra underwear and socks for him to wear! Brightly Dressed had noticed the boy's futile search for his underwear. A grim smile formed on the man's lips since he was the thief. He would use his stolen prize later that evening... sniff them while beating off like the lusty wild man that he was for boys! Jimmy felt the man's stare. He ignored Brightly Dressed and went outside to join the line of boys who were returning to their barracks. It was a short walk. Kirkland was there waiting for them. Jimmy put his pants and shirt over his pack and convinced Jeff to keep his breech-cloth on. They were the only two to do so. The other boys ran off to the lake. Jeff asked if they could get into their swim suits. "Why not go like this?" Jimmy asked. Jeff lowered his head. "The water would ruin our painted designs." "We could take them off before going in..." "Swim naked?!" the boy shouted. "It's called skinny dipping," Jimmy explained. "I've done it before." He took hold of Jeff's arm and pulled him out of the barracks. They walked silently towards the lake. Not to the fishing pier where the other boys were swimming and fishing but to a more remote bend of the lake. Jimmy could see that his friend wasn't happy. "I like seeing you... nude," he explained. "And the water feels great without anything on!" Jeff turned sideways at his friend. It looked like he was going to say something in reply but he kept silent. That made Jimmy feel awkward. He wondered if it top sites preteen lolas was right to force his young friend to go with him. They were nearly a quarter around the lake when a good spot was found. It was at some distance from the others. A stand of trees stood close to the water. tgp bbs loli info That's where the two boys dropped their breech-cloths before streaking into the lake. They entered the water in great splashes. It was warm around their bodies and it brought a sensual pleasure from being naked. Jeff kept from going out too deep. He still needed some more swimming lolitas 13 yo nudist lessons. The two boys went to it. While Jimmy held him, Jeff tried floating in the water while kicking up a storm with his feet. The youth was shown to act calmly with his strokes; not to struggle against the water or to panic. "That's how you lose your energy and drown," Jimmy explained. Their time in the water went by quickly. Everything around the boys was ignored; they only had eyes for each other. It was a happy time. They enjoyed being with each other and hugs happened. Jeff explained that he needed to 'rest' mid teen lolita models in his friend's arms. Jimmy liked holding his slippery naked friend close to him. It made them grow hard down there. Jeff turned in their embrace to face Jimmy. Their erections pressed together in the water. What happened next came naturally to the two boys. Over each pair of slippery cheeks came hands to hold them; pulling on butts to get their fronts rubbing. A seriousness filled their eyes staring into one another's. "We did this yesterday," whispered Jeff, "in the shower... Can you get your dick to come out again?" preteen nonude loli tgp "I don't know," Jimmy answered. "How about you?" pre teen tgp loli Jeff giggled. "I'm too young for that! You did it to my belly at the end. I felt your squirts. Do it again, okay?" Jimmy's face burned from the little boy's words. He held Jeff closer to his chest, burying his face in the boy's neck to hide himself. He continued to pull over the youth's soft butt in the water and his butt was pulled on in the same timed manner. His long dick stabbed against Jeff's. It seemed too slippery though. He didn't think that he could finish it. After a lengthy embrace, Jimmy loosened his hands from Jeff's butt. He peered down at the water which was waist high on him; higher on his friend. He noticed Jeff's eyes on hot 15yr old lolitas him, a questioning look. "No. I couldn't do it... because of the water." model nude non loli Jeff looked back at the trees. "We can go there." Jimmy nodded but he wondered why his friend wanted him to do it lolitas nubies preteen model so much and asked him. Jeff only shrugged his shoulders in reply. Yet the two boys slowly waded back towards shore. A man was waiting for them there. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- End of file: RITES-OF-BOYHOOD-3 This story continues in RITES-OF-BOYHOOD-4
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